Startup Masters is a growing Digital Agency with clients from all over the world. We offer tremendous value to all our clients and handle their whole digital journeys. We have internal design, development, marketing, analytics, and business teams and we take good care of our clients. We are deeply involved in their businesses and because of that, we offer many different services, tailored to the business needs and make sure that every client of ours grows and improves.


We offer a very dynamic environment and the opportunity to work with and learn from our best team members. The work is very diverse and you will be able to see and tackle many different problems, learning tremendously along the way.

Some of your responsibilities will include

  1. “Marketing” Design – creatives for advertising, website banners, product images, etc.
  2. Landing page design
  3. eCommerce design
  4. Learning from and working with one of our best designers

Skills we are looking for

  1. Good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop
  2. Good knowledge of Adobe Illustrator
  3. A design ‘eye’ – seeing the world in a different way 🙂
  4. Experience in banner ads creation
  5. Experience in web design
  6. A team player and a fun person to be around
  7. Desire to learn and grow – we want hard-working people who always give their best

What would be great but NOT required

  1. Shopify experience
  2. Basic Web Front-end/Technical knowledge

We offer

  1. An amazing team and working environment
  2. A chance to learn from the best and work in one of the leading digital agencies
  3. A very dynamic and involving workday
  4. Mentorship
  5. An opportunity to work with companies across different niches and from all over the world


Send us your portfolio to [email protected], samples of work you’ve done (banners for ads, landing pages, brand identity, other designs, and a few words about you). We will select a few candidates and send them a design task to do and then we will select a few to come and work in our office for 2 weeks (paid), where they will be able to work on real projects and show us their skills. Once the 2 weeks are over we will offer a job to the candidates that we believe fit our company best. We wish you skill and may the force be with you.


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