Shopify is one of the most used platforms for online stores in the US and Canada and also a top choice for many other countries for creating online stores. It is the #1 used platform for Dropshipping. It has easy integrations with all the most used Marketing tools and advertising platforms and can you can set up your store and have it running in minutes. Of course, it also has many complicated and enhanced features where you would need the help of a good developer in order to set up some custom integrations or add certain functionalities. In this live webinar, we show you how you can set up the basic things every online store needs to be ready to sell and integrate the marketing tools you will need to promote your products. If you want to learn all about Shopify stores you can sign up for Masters Academy and wait for the Complete Ecommerce Course that is coming soon.



The first thing we advise you to do before creating your store is actually creating a Shopify Partner account. This way you can easily create and manage multiple stores with the same login account and depending on whether you are creating your own store and might want to create another one in the future or creating a store for your client and will then transfer the ownership to them once ready and paid, this can help you a lot and make your management easier. You can create your Shopify Partners account here. There are also a few more benefits that our developer Simo will tell you in the video, so make sure you watch it.


If you want to create a Shopify store to use for dropshipping or as an online store to sell your own products there are a few apps and integrations you might find useful. Here are a few of the good ones we suggest:


Oberlo – Dropshipping 101

All Shopify Themes

Checkout X – 3rd Party Checkout solution

The Shopify App Store

Klaviyo – Email Marketing Automation platform

Digital Advertising Campaign Planner – How to determine your marketing budget

The 10 Golden Rules of Sales – A must-read for every business person


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